AEC Innovation Co., Ltd. was established in early 2014.

We are a distributor of cosmetic products under the brand name

BioSkin and SSOK and are committed to elevating Thai cosmetics to international standards.

We strive to develop the quality of our products, make the reputation of Thai brand cosmetics equivalent to the world’s top brands and make it internationally known and accepted that we are

“Leader of beauty creation in Thailand”AE

VISION "วิสัยทัศน์ของผู้บริหาร"

We never stop research by experts and specialists for skin and beauty using modern technology and new innovation to elevate Thai cosmetics to international standards.
To satisfy every need and consumer’s lifestyle who
love beauty with a reasonable price, suitable for everyone
Makes it easy to achieve the goal of every women, the need to get beautiful skin with full features. Easy to use and can see the real results. We will make you “Beautiful” to be leader of beauty creation in Thailand

MISSION "พันธกิจ"

1. Focus on beauty products from natural extracts.
Modern technology to create BEAUTY INSPRIRATION.
Meet the demand and to satisfy the consumers need.
2. Create satisfaction for consumers around the world saying
“We are the leader of beauty creation in Thailand”
3. Promote Thai beauty products
and be recognized by the global market, in order to support the Thai economy

KEY SUCCESS FACTOR "ปัจจัยแห่งความสำเร็จ"

1. Pay attention to the quality of products and continuous improvement of quality.
2. Have a marketing team that understand customer’s demand.
3. Comprehensive distribution channels, both in Thailand and abroad.
4. Modern management system and professionalism.
5. Ready to invest to be able to respond to business growth in the future.